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Kitchen Extract Cleaning East Kilbride

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Kitchen extract cleaning is crucial for maintaining a safe kitchen. Most catering establishments utilise a canopy extraction system to minimise the build-up of heat, as well as steam and grease emissions in the kitchen space. In these systems, the filters are helpful in protecting against grease deposition, but smaller particles still make it through over time, affecting the extract ductwork system. As these deposits build up, they can pose significant fire and hygiene risks.

It can be simple to access the canopies for the removal of all filters for regular cleaning, but the ductwork is concealed above the ceiling and often passes through several walls and floors before it reaches the discharge vent. It is these hidden sections that need the attention of specialists who clean to TR19 standard.

This regulatory standard recommends a cleaning frequency that depends on the number of operational hours per day for your kitchen. Once the kitchen extractor fan and ducts are cleaned to TR19, you will be issued a cleaning certificate that verifies compliance with your Health & Safety and Insurance requirements.

Who needs commercial fan cleaning?

Many restaurants, hotels, fast food operations and leisure clubs now require commercial fan cleaning, and their kitchen extract system will be on the regular maintenance schedule. It is not just hygiene and ongoing business considerations that are at stake; there are even potential legal implications to be mindful of. For example, if fire investigators discovered that the ductwork lacked any access doors, rendering it impossible to clean, the building owner could be found guilty of negligence and be subject to prosecution as per the Health & Safety Act 2009.

Our experienced team can give an accurate quote for all extractor fan cleaning services by performing a site survey. It is essential to establish the linear meterage to get an accurate idea of the work required. Our free, no-obligation quotes come with no hidden costs, and when the job is complete we can provide certification on the spot for your compliance purposes.

How often do I need a kitchen extract cleaning service?

Extraction canopy cleaning is required more frequently in professional kitchens. Though your staff may clean the kitchen canopy every day, it is important that you utilise an expert cleaning service to meet TR19 regulations. The frequency required is entirely dependent on the number of hours your extractor is operational each day. In continuous use, high grease contaminated environments, a monthly clean may be needed to eliminate the fire risk.

Fortunately, Integrated Compliance provides the expert cleaning services you need. If your establishment is in or around the East Kilbride area, you can contact us for a free site survey and no-obligation quote today. Don’t ignore the need for professional cleaning of your kitchen extract system – the last thing you want is for a fire to break out, or for a safety inspector to discover a greasy build-up. Do what’s needed to meet your compliance obligations – call us today on 0141 432 0001 and get the ball rolling.

We are the experts in kitchen extract cleaning East Kilbride.

kitchen extract cleaning east kilbride


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