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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Perth

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If you are a landlord to property in Perth, it is your responsibility to ensure all gas appliances in the rental property are safe. This means having them surveyed and maintained annually in order to acquire a landlord gas safety certificate, sometimes known as a British Gas safety certificate. The official name of this certification is a CP12 certificate, and it has to be carried out by a qualified, gas safe registered engineer. You have a duty to ensure you have a valid, up-to-date certificate no matter how long your property is rented for – failure to present this certificate on request can lead to a hefty fine and even a jail sentence in some cases.

At Integrated Compliance, we have a great deal of experience working with letting agents and landlords in and around the Perth region. We can ensure a suitable time is arranged with your tenant for the work to be carried out. We understand the importance of acquiring these certificates in a timely fashion before your current one expires, and we have no problems collecting keys from tenants or letting agents. We can perform the checks and help you get a certificate at a low cost, which will be determined when we provide your free, no-obligation quote. We can even negotiate a special price if you have numerous properties to be checked.

We use nothing but the most up-to-date tools and software to record your safety certificate. When you call our office, we will start the ball rolling by arranging a convenient time with your tenant. Our engineer will always endeavour to arrive promptly at the agreed time, and you will be kept informed of any problems that arise during the process. You will receive your certificate in the mail, but we will email you a copy of it for your own record keeping. This way, you will always have a copy in the event that the physical paperwork is lost.

What is the process of obtaining a CP12 certificate?

The first step is simply to call us and we will book a convenient appointment with your tenant. When we arrive at the property, we will begin by performing a tightness test of all the pipework and the meter, in order to ensure there are no gas leaks. There will also be a visual inspection of the chimney or flue to ensure all is in order.

The next step is to check the burner pressure, along with the gas rate of gas appliances to ensure they are working well. All safety devices will be thoroughly checked, and ventilation will be assessed. The final steps involve taking a combustion analyser reading and an examination of inspection hatches to assess the integrity of flue systems. If all is well, the CP12 will be filled out and a copy left in the property.

If you are a landlord of property in the Perth region and are looking for a boiler service and gas safety certificate near me, contact Integrated Compliance on 0141 432 0001 today and we’ll get things started.

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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Perth

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What are my duties as a landlord in relation to gas safety?

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