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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Scotland

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If you’re the new landlord of a rental property in Scotland, it’s imperative that you satisfy your legal obligations before taking on a new tenant. Acquiring a landlord gas safety certificate should be one of the top items on the agenda, and Integrated Compliance can provide the cost-effective solution you deserve. Our valid and up-to-date gas certificates, officially known as a CP12 certificate, will guarantee the safety of your rental property and all tenants while helping you avoid a list of potential repercussions ranging from hefty fines to imprisonment. For landlords throughout Scotland, ignoring this responsibility is simply not an option.

Aside from new landlord gas safety certificate services, Integrated Compliance can provide annual servicing to prevent the threat of existing CP12 certificates passing their expiry dates. Either way, only a qualified gas safety engineer is permitted to complete a valid CP12 – also known as a British Gas safety certificate – process. With friendly, certified technicians stationed throughout Scotland, protecting your rental property could not be simpler. Better still, our comprehensive services are followed include the supply of three certificate copies. As well as one copy to be kept at the property, you’ll gain a physical landlord’s copy as well as a digital one.

Our qualified engineers believe in making the process stress-free and convenient from start to finish. We offer a free, no-obligation quote, which also covers significant discounts for landlords that require gas certificates for multiple rental properties. After arranging a convenient time, we can also pick up the keys from your tenant or letting agent before completing the full service in a fast, professional, and highly affordable manner. We can even pencil in your subsequent annual check in a year’s time.
Full Landlord Gas Safety Certifications In Scotland

Whichever part of the country you live in, it’s only natural that you want a fast, affordable, and convenient landlord gas safety certificate service provided by a trustworthy and reliable engineer that is permitted to provide a valid and up-to-date solution. Integrated Compliance makes the process easier than you ever thought possible. Crucially, once the appointment is made, you can be assured that an engineer will visit your rental property on time.

By using the latest tools, equipment, and software, the engineer will complete a variety of tests to check all aspects of your gas systems. This includes an inspection of the flue, gas meter, and pipework to identify any leaks. Subsequent checks into the burner pressure, flue system hatch, combustion analyser readers, and safety devices are accompanied by gas rate recordings to check performance levels as well as safety. This provides landlords and tenants with optimal peace of mind.

After the tests have been completed and compliance has been confirmed, the CP12 certificate for your rental property in Scotland can be written up. The first copy is left at the property while the other two are sent to you. Call 0141 432 0001 to discuss full details with Integrated Compliance’s team of experts.

We are experts in Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Scotland

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Scotland

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