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Legionella Risk Assessment Bearsden

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Is your Legionella risk assessment up-to-date? If you’re a buildings premises manager, a landlord or anyone else who owns or leases property which is used by the public or rent-paying occupants, you have a legal obligation to ensure that the Legionella risk is as low as it possibly can be. Legionella is a bacteria which can cause potentially fatal Legionnaires’ Disease (a particularly severe form of pneumonia). It is particularly likely to thrive in water systems, which is why, in order to achieve compliance with AcoP L8 and HSG274, Legionella risk assessments are required by a landlord and businesses. We provide the Legionella risk assessment Bearsden buildings need to stay compliant with the law.

What does your testing cover?

When you use us for a risk assessment, we cover every aspect of the process. Our Bearsden Legionella risk assessor will carry out a full survey of the water system(s) you have in place. This includes a physical inventory and inspection of the system, as well as methodical identification of any risk factors that will increase the likelihood of the Legionella bacteria multiplying to the extent that it poses a danger to building occupants. The inspection will be carried out in line with the relevant legislation governing water quality risk assessment: BS 8580-1:2019. City and Guilds qualified as well as highly experienced, our assessors will check water hygiene at every stage of the system.

A written report covering any remedial work that’s required

As part of the Legionella risk assessment Bearsden landlords and businesses will receive a comprehensive written report of the results of the inspection. This will include identification of the compliant parts of the system, as well as recommendations covering where improvements could or should be made. We will assess the effectiveness of the Legionella prevention measures in place, as well as test the efficacy of the water quality management system currently operating. We can advise on dosing and pre-treatment, as well as assess water composition and analyse testing data etc in order to see if there is anything further needed in order to ensure a high level of compliance. Why not give us a call to find out more?

Remedial work undertaken near me

If it becomes apparent that remedial measures are required in order to bring your Legionella control processes and systems up to standard, we are able to carry out the work if required. Specialists in the compliance field, we have an excellent understanding of how best to ensure your water hygiene is at a compliant level for a reasonable cost. Once your system is in line with the required criteria, we will be able to issue a suitable certificate.

Given the potentially lethal consequences of a Legionella outbreak, it’s vital that landlords and/or property managers ensure that a suitable risk assessment has been carried out and compliance with water quality legislation achieved. Call us now to discuss your risk assessment needs, ask us about the work which needs to be done in order to be ACoP L8 compliant or to book one of our assessors to visit your premises.

Call our head office on 0141 432 0001 to book your assessment.

legionella risk assessment bearsden


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