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Legionella Risk Assessment Kirkcaldy

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Legionella risk assessment Kirkcaldy

How good are your infection control systems when it comes to Legionella? Legionnaire’s disease is an unpleasant lung complaint that’s caused by the Legionella bacteria. Sometimes fatal in vulnerable people, ensuring good water hygiene is vital to reduce the risk of the bacteria multiplying to dangerous levels. Property owners (and therefore, by default, property managers) and landlords are responsible for ensuring that their premises comply with ACoP L8 and HSG274. Failure to do so, particularly if it results in the illness (or even, sadly, the death) of a tenant or member of the public, can have serious consequences, including heavy fines and potentially imprisonment. If you haven’t done so already, it’s vital to get a Legionella risk assessment Kirkcaldy people can rely on carried out as soon as possible.

City & Guilds certified Legionella risk assessor

When you turn to us for Legionella testing and a risk assessment survey, you will be working with seasoned professionals who have an excellent understanding of what’s needed. When we complete a Legionella risk assessment Kirkcaldy people can expect a full inspection of the water system, as well as a water hygiene test. We will take a look at the effectiveness of the controls already in place, as well as consideration of physical aspects of the system which may increase the chances of a Legionella outbreak. A check of current data on variables such as water quality, as well as the records available on past testing and similar intelligence, will enable us to assess how compliant your organisation is with the relevant legislation. If you’re eager to avoid a Legionella disaster, get in touch to see how a risk assessment could help.

Landlords and businesses need a Legionella risk assessment

If you feel it’s time for a Legionella risk assessment Kirkcaldy customers can expect to deliver accurate, thorough results, get in touch. We write up all our findings in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read report, giving you all the information needed to make the decisions which are right for you and your property. If as a result of the check we’ve carried out, you decide to commission additional work to ensure that you are compliant with the law, we are able to provide this for a comparatively low cost. Everything we do is carried out in line with recognised legislation and completed using highly trained professionals who are committed to completing inspections to an excellent standard.

Legionella risk assessment near me

Once your water system matches the relevant criteria, we will be happy to issue a water hygiene certificate. As well as our inspection, testing and assessment services, we are also able to complete on-going maintenance of your system, ensuring it remains at low risk of harbouring a Legionella outbreak. Contact us to book your inspection or to find out more about what we can offer. With the potential for human life to be at risk should adequate water hygiene not be practised, making sure your systems are fit for purpose is always a priority. We are able to work across Kirkcaldy and further into the rest of Scotland.

Call our head office on 0141 432 0001 to book your assessment.

legionella risk assessment kirkcaldy

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