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Legionella Risk Assessment Stirling

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Legionella risk assessment

Compliance with relevant legislation is a key part of the role of any landlord or businesses involved in property management or having property ownership. Water hygiene is a vital aspect of premises management, as failure to maintain the correct standards can result in your system becoming infected with the Legionella bacteria. Responsible for the serious Legionnaire’s disease, Legionella is a highly dangerous bacteria which can breed rapidly in badly maintained water systems. For this reason, it’s essential to facilitate a Legionella risk assessment Stirling individuals and companies know will thoroughly test and check their water system.

Are you compliant with ACoPL8 and HSG274?

These are the regulations which govern water quality and with which compliance is a legal requirement. Not only should your water systems be in a suitable state of repair and designed appropriately, there are also a number of other requirements for compliance to be assured. For example, there should be a named person responsible for water hygiene, as well as records of testing, inspection and other measures taken to reduce the risk of Legionella infection. If these haven’t been checked recently, how do you know that you’re not breaking the law? We can complete Legionella risk assessments promptly and thoroughly, ensuring you’re able to get any remedial work completed in a timely manner.

Legionella risk assessor for all your Legionella testing requirements

When you use us for your Legionella risk assessment, Stirling clients can be confident that they’re hiring experienced professionals who have an excellent understanding of water systems. As City & Guilds qualified water engineers, they have the knowledge necessary to spot any weaknesses in your system, as well as test your water and ensure that the necessary records and maintenance work has been completed correctly. Once their survey work is complete, the information is written up into a straight-forward but thorough report that can be used as a basis to plan any remedial work which is needed.

Certificate of compliance – call us now

As well as being assessors for Legionella risk, we are also able to complete the appropriate remedial works to bring your water hygiene up to standard. Given the serious financial and custodial penalties which can result from non-adherence to appropriate levels of water safety, making sure that rigorous standards are adhered to is crucial. Why risk it? Just give us a call and we can come out, assess the quality of your system and put in place whatever is needed to ensure your water system(s) are as safe as they can be.

Legionella risk assessment for Stirling and the rest of Scotland

Are you looking for Legionella risk assessment near me? We cover the whole of Scotland, providing a full suite of water hygiene services, including testing, repairs, inspection and on-going maintenance. We offer a highly experienced, specialist service for a competitive cost and a focus on delivering quality results. If you need an objective, expert assessment of your water system with a view to managing your Legionella risk, we have the experience and skills to meet your requirements. Call us to find out more

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legionella risk assessment stirling


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