Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Glasgow

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Glasgow

Gas safety in rental properties is a serious matter. Failure to comply with the regulations can have devastating consequences for both landlords and tenants. Failure to provide a landlord gas safety
certificate can even result in criminal prosecution.

As a landlord in Glasgow, you are responsible for all gas appliances in the property and must ensure that they’re maintained annually. This applies to all rental properties – including short-term and holiday lets.
You must have a gas safety inspection completed and provide your Glasgow tenant with the landlord gas safety certificate – known as a CP12.

The gas safety inspection can only be carried out by a suitably qualified, gas safe registered engineer.

What does a gas safety inspection involve?

The first step in our inspection is to check all gas appliances in the rental property. Our gas safe registered engineer will check that every gas appliance is properly adjusted and securely fitted.

The second step in the inspection is checking all of the flues and chimneys in your rental property. What we look for here is an adequate air supply, and that no gas is able to leak from the pipework. This step is vital for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Glasgow

Why choose us for your landlord gas safety certificate Glasgow?

As Scotland’s premier compliance provider, Integrated Compliance Services offers comprehensive compliance services designed specifically for letting agents and private landlords. We’ve been providing a full suite of facilities services in Scotland since 2009, making us the perfect choice for gas safety inspections across all types of rental property in Glasgow.

Our owners/directors are completely hands-on and accessible. Plus, we understand what landlords and letting agents need, which is why we:

  • Handle any inspection requests promptly, removing the risk that your existing certificate will
  • Use the most up-to-date inspections tools and software.
  • Arrange the inspections at a time convenient for you and your tenant – including weekends.
  • Send the CP12 gas safety certificate by email to you, as well as leaving a copy in the property,
    so that you can access it any time to prove compliance.

The engineer will check all appliances and connections that belong to the owner of the property. They will not, however, check anything that you own. If you use a room heater or other appliance that you have brought into the property, so you are encouraged to make your own arrangements to have these checked for safety.


Is the landlord able to access a property for safety checks?

The contract you make with your tenant should allow you access for any maintenance or safety check work that needs to be done. You must not use force to enter the property. Further information is provided in regulation 39 of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.
A landlord has to show that they took all reasonable steps to comply with the law. HSE recommends the following actions and strongly advises that a record be kept of all correspondence with the tenants:

  • Leave the tenant a notice stating that an attempt was made to complete the gas safety check and provide your contact details.
  • Write to the tenant explaining that a safety check is a legal requirement and that it is for the tenant’s own safety. Give the tenant the opportunity to arrange their own appointment.

HSE inspectors will look for repeated attempts to complete the gas safety check, including the above suggestions; however the approach will need to be appropriate to each circumstance. It would ultimately be for a court to decide if the action taken was reasonable depending upon the individual circumstances.

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