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If you are responsible for health and safety within a building in, you will know that one of your most fundamental responsibilities is to provide plant and systems of work that are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health (Health and Safety at Work at 1974). Contact Mechanical Services Carlisle.

One core area of relevance here relates to mechanical services. Your more specific requirements in this respect are covered under various pieces of primary and secondary legislation, but one thread remains constant: it is your responsibility to engage a competent party to provide the expertise necessary to keep those within your building safe.

At Integrated Services, we offer the competence and know-how that positions us as your perfect partner as you fulfil your legal obligations. From commercial machinery to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, we have the expertise needed to give you confidence that your buildings are safe, and that your responsibilities are satisfied.

Integrated Services provides mechanical services Carlisle with our trained and experienced engineers can perform projects of all sizes, backed by numerous governing bodies. We set our standards high, and are proud to be Gas Safe registered and Safe Contractor approved. We work to maintain ISO certification for Health and Safety and Quality.

With all this at play, we are here to give you full confidence that any onsite machines and mechanical systems are compliant and perfectly tailored for your building. We will provide the documentation necessary for your records, which is important for your own health and safety management system and is invaluable ahead of any audit. At a time where building users are particularly mindful of the mechanical performance of their surroundings, particularly where ventilation is concerned, we will work with you to provide the safeguards and information necessary to give peace of mind to all within your building.

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Mechanical Services Carlisle

Nationwide coverage. We operate across the UK with an extensive operational team of Highly Experienced Managers and highly skilled mobile engineers.

Experience you can trust – We deliver our services to a wide range of sectors, including; Education, Hotel & Leisure, Residential Care, Retail, Prisons, Healthcare, Commercial & Government

Extensive range of services – Our services are bundled in to four highly specialised areas:

Water Tank Replacement Carlisle

Cold water storage tanks are inspected annually in accordance with HSG274 Part 2. Over time some tanks can deteriorate in condition and eventually replacement is the most economical and practical solution.

Replacement of cold water storage tanks should be considered if any of the following occur:

  • Heavy corrosion which can cause leaks or failure
  • Over capacity from change in building use
  • Poor access preventing inspection
  • Non-compliance with current water regulations

In some instances it can be more economical to replace a tank with either a bespoke or standard GRP tank making it compliant with Water Regulations.

Heavily corroded water tank Carlisle

Replacing tanks that are heavily corroded is often the best solution.
Integrated Compliance Services are experienced at providing advice about whether to replace or line, and will project manage a job from quote stage through to disinfection. Taking into consideration water supply to occupants while the replacement takes place.

Water Tank Lining Carlisle

Integrated Compliance Services Carlisle provide water tank lining utilising the latest generation of solvent free polyurethane paints which offer numerous economic, technical and environmental features & benefits.

Tanks which have corroded heavily can be relined.

On completion the tanks are easier to keep clean and the risk of failure is reduced.

  • Integrated Compliance Services utilise the latest generation of solvent free polyurethane paints which offer numerous economic, technical and environmental features & benefits.
  • All regulations & approvals necessary for drinking water.
  • Solvent free technology.
  • Extremely fast cure times even at low temperatures.
  • High degree of flexibility, capable of accommodating structural movement.
  • Excellent tensile & flexural strength.
  • Outstanding protection of metal and mineral surfaces.
  • High levels of abrasion, impact & chemical resistance.
  • Long life performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Easy clean, ceramic tile like finish.
  • Light in colour making inspections easier.

If you’re considering changing or lining a tank contact us now.

All cold water storage tank refurbishment tasks required to bring your cold water storage tanks up to specification with the current water regulations can be carried out by our experienced plumbers.

TMV servicing Carlisle

To comply with legionella prevention guidance; water must be stored at no less than 60 degrees and distributed at no less than 50 degrees, however where the risk of scalding has been identified thermostatic mixer valves (TMV’s) are fitted to regulate the temperature at the outlets.

It is a requirement that all TMV’s are checked once a year to ensure they are still achieving the desired temperature. If temperature control fluctuates more than 2 degrees from the original setting then a full service will be required. The valves can easily become scaled or blocked which needs to be rectified to ensure they work properly.

Integrated Compliance Services have the expertise to check mixer valves and carry out replacement or servicing.

RPZ valves

Integrated Compliance Services are one of the UK’s leading water hygiene service providers. We are as a specialist mechanical contractor in the water treatment industry. In line with the comprehensive range of services we offer; our RPZ valve services include:

  • RPZ valve installation
  • RPZ maintenance
  • RPZ valve testing.

Whether you require RPZ valve servicing as a part of your yearly maintenance regime, or if the installation of an RPZ valve has been recommended in a Legionella risk assessment or in an audit by your local water authority, our experts can help.

What are RPZ valves?

Reduced pressure zone valves are fitted into potable water systems as a backflow preventer of the mains water supplies. Without RPZ valves, in the occurrence of a sudden lowering of pressure in the water system, the water could flow in the opposite direction, causing contaminated water to enter the supply. If a sudden drop in water pressure occurs; RPZ valves will dump the contaminated water and prevent it from entering into the water supply.

Closed System Water Treatment Services Carlisle

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Pre-commission Cleaning
  • Balance Flushing
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Side Stream Filtration
  • Dosing Pot Installation
  • Chemical Dosing
  • System Surveys & Leak Detection

If you are interested in mechanical services outsourcing to Integrated Compliance Services one of the fastest growing mechanical services companies UK, please contact us on 0141 432 0001 or simply fill in the form below with your request.

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Who can be appointed to test or monitor legionella?

Testing of water quality may be carried out by a service provider, such as a water treatment company or consultant, or by the operator, provided they are trained to do so and are properly supervised. The type of test required will depend on the nature of the water of the system. HSG274 Legionnaires’ disease Technical guidance provides further details for both evaporative cooling systems and hot and cold water systems.

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