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Water Tank Cleaning Hamilton

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Once water is moved into a storage tank, it is exposed to its environment. This means it is susceptible to things like degradation and contamination. The result is that the ideal conditions may develop for the rapid spread of harmful microorganisms. Water storage tanks should be regularly inspected and cleaned as part of an ongoing maintenance programme. For the safety of those who will be using the water, this cleaning must involve disinfecting and should be handled by professionals with the necessary expertise to do the job safely and effectively.

These tanks come in a wide range of sizes and are made from a variety of materials. A tank for a single dwelling may hold around 500 litres, while a sectional tank that supplies a holiday park could hold as much as 50,000 litres of water. Entering and cleaning these tanks comes with certain safety requirements, and there are strict regulations for the standard of cleaning for tanks that serve the public. You need a company with engineers that have training for confined space entry, and all the relevant qualifications and experience for chlorinating water systems.

What are the risks of tanks that hold drinking water?

Without regular water hygiene testing and water tank disinfection, there is a risk of bacteria like legionella, e-coli and cryptosporidium building up. These types of bacteria are extremely dangerous and can be present in any sludge or nutrients that build up in an unchecked water tank. Even if there is a UV system in place, a dirty tank could still contaminate a water system and make it dangerous.

Once the works are completed, you will be issued a disinfection certificate to verify your compliance with Health & Safety regulations. This is important to demonstrate your compliance, and may also be needed to acquire the necessary insurance for a system. The cleanliness of water tanks should never be an afterthought and having cold water storage tank cleaning at least once a year is essential to keep everyone safe and healthy.

What are the benefits of Integrated Compliance?

Our team of water tank cleaning engineers are an honest, reliable workforce with all the relevant experience and qualifications. We have cleaned hundreds of tanks in and around the Hamilton region and can issue a disinfection certificate upon completion of every tank clean. Our prices are highly competitive, and we will offer a free, no-obligation quote from the outset with no hidden extras.

Our work is fully insured to give you extra peace of mind, and we are fully conversant with Health & Safety requirements and Private Water Supply Regulations. We cover the cleaning of both domestic & commercial water tanks, as well as portable water tank cleaning to ensure your drinking water, and what you supply to the public, is safe at all times. If you are located in or around the Hamilton region and are looking for our water tank cleaning Hamilton services near me, call us today on 0141 432 0001 and get started on the process of getting your tank cleaned.

water tank cleaning hamilton

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